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It is a sad but simple fact that there isn't very much good fanfiction out there. Most stories are sloppily written, organizationally deficient and utterly stuck in cliché - sometimes to the point of confusing the original series facts with fan-invented dribble. In other words, to put it bluntly... they're crap.

Fanfiction isn't supposed to be like that; it's supposed to excite you, elate or depress you, to deepen the characters in your mind and inspire new images in your soul. Good fanfiction should leave you feeling refreshed, no matter how the story ends. Fanfiction that "good" is hard to find - and that is the reason for this webring.

This is not a "clique." It is not a club or a status symbol; this ring exists for the sole purpose of putting the web's best fanfiction into one easily accessible place. Simply stated: if your fanfic is going to be in this ring, then it has to be good.

Most of the rules we follow are common sense; nevertheless, we really advise that you read them anyway. The mechanics of your writing do matter, but you will be judged mostly on your style, your concept of sentence flow, and your interpretation of the characters. We read every word you write before we come to a decision, and are well aware that there are a multitude of "good" styles out there; what matters is whether or not the story flows.

Lastly, remember that we will take your site design into account. You don't have to have a fancy page, but if its difficult to surf, doesn't work on Netscape and IE, or causes our computers to crash (which sadly enough, has happened), then we can't accept you.

Sound too difficult for you? Then you won't be linked to the (Good) Fanfiction Webring. Find it reasonable? Then click on the links at the top of the page, submit your site, and good luck. Happy writing!!